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So many funding grants! But what suits me?

Posted by Meredith Papas on 10 April 2017

With so many funding grants and assistance packages offered by all tiers of government, and across the private sector at the moment, knowing what to apply for, or how to maximise your chances of success, can be tricky.

First, are you eligible? There is no point throwing out grant applications left, right and centre, if they don't apply.

Second, do you have the supporting documents? That's the planning, the strategic thinking, the operational and projection planning, the cost benefit analysis? Do you have your certifications, your endorsements and your maintenance schedules?

Third, do you have the word-power to make your submission sing? Poor prose and long, protracted and non-sensical sentences can be your worst enemy. You're up against a panel of experts who know what they're looking for and read thousands of these applications! Make it engaging. Make it compelling. Make it stand out!

Fourth, do you or your organisation have the bandwidth to chase up all the loose ends and contain and coordinate all of the many moving parts? It takes the input and endorsement of experts in their fields to add weight and credibility.

Fifth, do you have the time? It's a simple one, but too many worthy applications have gone begging simply because they have fallen through the cracks, leaving dedicated and well-meaning volunteers and committee members feeling like they have missed the boat!

And finally, how do you plan to keep the cogs turning and the revenue streams flowing once the initial grant runs dry?

At iScribe Consulting we take the hard work out of preparing and lodging your applications.

Specialising in community sector SMEs and not-for-profits, we don't claim a percentage 'success' fee. We quote you a reasonable flat rate, which is pre-determined and pre-quoted based on the complexity and weight of the grant and we stick to it.

We take your organisation or business through the process so you are, at every stage, aware of where things are at. We help you get the documents together. We tidy up the loose ends and we make sure there is no stone left unturned.

We liaise with the funding institutions so we have the best possible understanding of the grant and criteria, so we can build that into your application. We chase up your endorsements and source your expert input.

As the same time, we can take an "outsider-looking-in" view of your organisation from a governance and operational perspective and provide you with a few tips on where your documentation might need some tidying up or updating.

It's all in that one flat rate.

Call Meredith today on 0448 995 731 or email for more details or to discuss how we can support you in your applications.

Author: Meredith Papas
About: WORDS In business they are your most powerful tool; but use them poorly, and they'll be your undoing. Enter, Meredith Papas and iScribe Consulting. Words are Meredith's business. For the past 20 years Meredith has used the written word as her tool of trade. She cut her teeth as a journalist in Regional Queensland, where she specialised in business, agriculture and industry writing, as well as penning features and profiles on regional businesses and identities. She honed her skills as a sub-editor and proof reader, and then took on leadership roles as a newspaper editor in Mount Isa, Gladstone and Mackay. Add to that, roles as a regional editor and then senior group content editor for one of Asia-Pacific's largest regional media organisations, and it rounds out a solid skill set which spans the full gamut of high-level professional writing. Meredith has a simple philosophy: Everyone has a story to tell. But it's not what you have to say - it's how you say it. From professional bios, to business capability statements; CVs to business cases; funding submissions to content for your website, Meredith will work with you to make sure your clients know exactly what you're about. It's insight. It's experience. It's your story to tell. So, tell it.
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