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11 November 2018

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Life and spinning plates: When balance is key

by Meredith Papas
When was the last time you did an audit on your goals? Do you even have a list of your goals to audit? So, I did a bit of an audit on my goals recently. I will admit right now, I was pretty sure I had missed almost every target. But, no. As I ticked crossed and "almosted"...

27 September 2018

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Doing Good Business: Proof a pen can be mightier than, well, a lot really!

by Meredith Papas
So, I received a bill in the mail the other day. As you do.
No biggie, not like the rego or the quarterly power (yikes!!) but still, it was a bill and it had to be paid.
As soon as my daughter plucked the envelope from the mail box, it stood out from the other windowed offerings....

27 March 2018

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Make digital doable for your business

by Meredith Papas
72 Hour Websites. Yes. It is possible. Yes. We can create one for you. One of the most satisfying facets of being in business, is the capacity we have to think laterally and solve problems for our existing and prospective clients. I love that we are free to collaborate and share ideas; ...

22 March 2018

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When it all seems too difficult ... How to get past your peskily persistent content-stipation

by Meredith Papas
A wonderful counsellor said to me once, you cannot do your best work when you are in a blue or red zone. You have to be in the green zone. These zones she was referring to are aligned to Dr Dan Siegel's Window of Tolerance model - blue is depression, red is anxiety, and green is the ca...

14 March 2018

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The power of clarity: How Stephen Hawking's message empowered humanity

by Meredith Papas
There was a bit of a grey cloud casting a shadow over our usually happy household on Wednesday afternoon. I guess, in a way, we always knew the day would come that we needed to bid the fondest farewell to the wonderful man we knew as genius Stephen Hawking. But like any passing, the ac...
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