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Business and professional writing support

Writing can be hard work, especially when it's not really your thing! Having the grammar and the spelling and decent sentence structure is one thing (and yes, that does matter!). But stringing your words together, in a manner that not only captures what you or your venture is about, but engages those at whom you are targeting your products or services, is quite another.

That's where iScribe Consulting can help!

It's kinda like this: as writers, we don't know a whole lot about fixing cars, so we get a mechanic to do it. We have a lawyer to look after our legal matters and an accountant and book keeper watches over our P&L and growth projections. We go to a doctor when we are sick and a hairdresser or barber to stay coiffed and presentable! 

So why do we think we can DIY our words and our messaging?

Engage an expert. iScribe Consulting can help you develop your company vernacular and voice. We can tell your story in a way that captures attention and, most importantly, keeps it through engaging prose and key words.

We can add a touch of class to your social media posts and enhance the capabilities and reach of your website. We will work with you, help you find your voice and have your story told far and wide.

Consider iScribe Consulting to be your personal scribe and wordsmith.

Be it a speech, a presentation, a job ad or a letter - whatever your writing needs, iScribe Consulting can swing in and take the hard work, wasted time and angst out of all of your writing tasks.

Connect with us here and find out how we can lend you and your business a hand - and some great words.


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