Meredith Papas

Strategic Narrative Specialist

Story Telling | Professional Writing

Engagement | Profile Development

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First impressions count...


We all know that very first impression we give a prospective employer or client is a one-chance-only shot at getting the gig.

So, make your first impression count, in all the right ways, with a professional and well-presented CV.

At iScribe Consulting, we will take the time to get to know you, your strengths and those fabulous things that make you employable - the skills, traits and points of difference which will make a hirer and firer sit up and take notice. We don't do gimicks and we don't do puff, froth and bubble. We tell it as it is and let your credentials and experience speak for themselves.

You'll get a first-class CV and cover letter at a reasonable cost and it will stand as a blue print for you to adapt and reshape depending on the gig you're applying for.

Don't leave your dream job to chance. Get it right. Get the gig!

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