Meredith Papas

Strategic Narrative Specialist

Story Telling | Professional Writing

Engagement | Profile Development

0448 995 731

Freelance Journalism - when your story needs to be told

For the past 22+ years, iScribe Consulting's Meredith Papas has worked as a senior journalist covering everything from major events, to school fetes; court cases to stories of loss - all across the full gamut of reporting, feature writing, genres and platforms.

When it comes to telling your story in a credible, news-worthy style and presenting in a publication-ready format to a vast network of media sources, iScribe Consulting has developed a style and approach exclusive to its operation.


In simplest terms - we don't do spin. Even when we are working with companies, community groups and individuals, building profile and strengthening brand and reputation, we will find the news angle and ensure media houses have something they can put to print. 


An article is not worth the time or effort if it's not going to see the light of day - and Meredith Papas and her team know all too well what will make the cut - and, just as importantly, what will get the cut if it's not on the money!

iScribe can deliver content as a multi-platform package across traditional prin,t as well as social and digital platforms of all media styles.


We will tell your story. We will get the message across. It will be delivered in a readable, engaging and credible style which will enhance a publication's content mix, while heightening profile and reputation.

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