Meredith Papas

Strategic Narrative Specialist

Story Telling | Professional Writing

Engagement | Profile Development

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Is anybody out there?

Getting your name, brand and messaging in front of your targetted market and audience might sound easy enough, but it can be a tricky process and all too often it can be a case of who you know; not necessarily what you know or how good you are?

Sound familiar?

iScribe Consulting might be a business that prides itself as a quiet achiever, but when it comes to its clients, the intent is all about getting noticed, building profile and making sure your message is heard.

With a strong breadth of expereince across all platforms of traditional media, as well as digital media and social media platforms - as well as a vast and diverse network of contacts and connections - we can tailor your message to ensure it is engaging and customer-focused, while making sure it's heard by tyhose who count. Your target market is our target market and hitting the mark is vital.

We also think a bit laterally when it comes to media engagement, public relations (PR) and communications.

We won't just trot out the same tired and tested methods of getting noticed (although, where that works, we will absolutely add that to the overall mix). We will add some fun, some humour, convey your message as one of authority. We will fact-check, research and help you value-add to your clients' experience. 

Media liaison, media engagement and management, message delivery, public relations, profile building, brand awareness and all of that buzz-word kind of stuff is our bread and butter.

We can get you noticed. Whatever your message. Across the full gamut of platforms.

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