Meredith Papas

Strategic Narrative Specialist

Story Telling | Professional Writing

Engagement | Profile Development

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Get real about getting social.

Oh, how we curse that thing that is Social Media ... but funnily enough, we all keep on looking!

From holiday spam to calls for attention; new baby announcements to tales of woe and lament - we all see the extremes. But where is the middle ground? And how do you get any kind of cut-through in a realm so saturated with likes and emojis and fake news and those funny little GIFs!?

iScribe Consulting cuts through the rubbish with professional, out-of-the-box, clear messaging. 

Whatever the business or profile, our professional writing approach, and commitment to your brand and reputation is at the heart of every post, share or blog article.

We don't do boring. We don't do predictable.

Our approach to this tricky mode of writing is all about credibility, integrity and engagement. We use high-level engagement strategies to inform, surprise and delight your customers. It's the kind of value-add that makes them feel enriched and connected - but in an elite money-cannot-buy kind of way.

Social media is often seen as the simplest DIY marketing solution. And done correctly, it can be amazing!

But step out of line, get the slightest think wrong, or leave yourself open to trolls and haters and you'll rue the day you clicked the link to Facebook.

Don't just wing it. Your message and your brand is too important.

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