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Make your WWW, URL and SEO  work to reach more UBs and sing your USP...

Confused? Who could blame you!?

Your website is just as important a piece of real esteate to your business as your workshop or shop front.

It's kinda a big deal.

And these days, when just about anyone reckons they can create a fabulous looking website themselves, standing out from the crowd is critical.

That means a well-structured, logical sequence of information, carefully thought-out links within the site which work, a good aesthetic and - most importantly - clear content selling you and your business to prospective clients.

Content, as they say, is king. Good writing is important. Professional writing - the kind iScribe Consulting has built a reputation on - is what makes a good website outstanding.

iScribe will get your message across with wording and phrasing that not only conveys a clear and concise message, but that presents your business in a highly professional and accomplished light.

We will use words people will search for - SEO-rich content (that's Search Engine Optimisation) that draws customers in and makes your site stand out in the crowd of searches.

We will lend an edge that sets you apart from your competitors.

Fresh content is also important, so as well your more static content, iScribe Consulting can provide frequent, well-written blogs which are specifically aimed at refreshing key words, setting a standard of excellence and authority, value-adding to your clients' experience and providing valuable content to link to from social media platforms.

It's all about the right words, in the right place, with the right frequency.

Don't try to do it yourself when your time and money is better spent doing what you do best!


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