Meredith Papas

Strategic Narrative Specialist

Story Telling | Professional Writing

Engagement | Profile Development

0448 995 731


When words matter...

You know what you want to say - and your skills are second-to-none.

But putting all that's in your head, and bundling that incredible wealth of experience and expertise you have isn't as easy as it looks!

Meredith Papas and iScribe Consulting can package all of your skills, knowledge, anecdotes and experience into a neat, easy to navigate package and she will even present it and record it for you if need be!

Using the fabulous ZOOM platform, she is able to engage your desired audience or workgroup - wherever they might be throughout the country or world - in real time; and even record the sessions and ensure they are on hand for you to lock into your digital archives!

iScribe Consulting can look after everything for you - from Powerpoint right through to delivery!


Not only that, Meredith Papas has developed a suite of professional writing, media writing, profile development, public relations and business development webinars and online workshops which can be used to value add any conference, training or professional development activities within your organisation. Drop iScribe a note and we will be happy to engage with you on developing some fantastic content!



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